BMCC Open Teaching Week

Celebrating a culture of openness in teaching



Looking for new ways to engage students?


Curious about what happens in classrooms other than your own?


Want to connect with other BMCC faculty who share approaches to teaching and course materials?





Open Classrooms

Invite colleagues to visit your classroom and visit your colleagues’ classrooms. Open classrooms are an opportunity to observe teaching and learning in different classroom settings across disciplines. All BMCC faculty are invited to volunteer to open their online or face-to-face classes. Click here for more information about opening your classroom, and stay tuned for information about signing up to visit a colleague’s class.

Open Educational Resources

More than 120 BMCC faculty have redesigned their courses using open educational resources (OER) and other no-cost materials. At our OER lightning talks, you will find out how the process of moving to OER impacted teaching and learning, and will see examples of the OER materials in use at BMCC.

Open Pedagogy

Open pedagogy gives learners agency over their learning, and engages learners in constructing knowledge and sharing their creations on the open web. Find out how your colleagues are incorporating open pedagogy in their classes, and participate in a Wikipedia edit-a-thon that is an example of open pedagogy in action.


Preliminary schedule of events


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