Open Classrooms, Open Minds: Improving Teaching and Learning Through Description and Non-Evaluative Feedback

March 27, 2018 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm | CETLS, S510D

Awareness of what is really happening in one’s classroom can become the foundation for reflection, experimentation, and improved teaching and learning. We can increase our awareness through our own observations and evidence-gathering, and through peer observation. However, the observations we make about our own teaching practices and about our students pass through the filter of our habits, assumptions, and biases. In the BMCC Teaching Academy, increasing awareness through descriptive, non-evaluative feedback is a core principle, and a tool that empowers and informs. This interactive presentation will discuss what it means to describe rather than to judge, will discuss its importance in reflective teaching, and will share tools and strategies for the individual teacher.

Facilitated by Judith Yancey (Director of the Teaching Academy) and Erica Campbell (Teaching Academy Fellow, 2016 Cohort)

This event is part of BMCC Open Teaching Week.